I help divorced women rediscover their authentic selves, reclaim their power and design the life of their dreams.

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Life Coach Sherille Marquez

Are you tired of navigating through the maze of confusion, fear, and disconnect after divorce?

But what if there’s a key to unlock your inner strength?

Download my free workbook, “5 Steps to Unleash the Warrior Woman Within,” overflowing with transformative exercises. This workbook is your roadmap to breaking free from uncertainty, rebuilding your confidence, and stepping courageously into the extraordinary woman you are destined to become.

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“Life changing! Is how I will describe my experience with Sherille as my hypnotist and life coach. It all started with a QHHT session in August and it changed me and taught me to let go of my past trauma, empowered me to achieve what I want in my life and healing started. Sherille was patient, listened and her calming voice guided me through the session with ease. As a life coach, she gave me great insights on how to achieve living my best life. The coaching sessions have given me great tools on becoming a better mother, wife and just to be good to myself. Sherille does a great job in helping me become more present. The awareness that I experience during our sessions is a gift that I have been wanting for past 10 years. The goals we set up every week have been so helpful in finding balance and achieving my goals. If you are ready to attain what you’ve been wanting and ready to change your life, book a consultation/session with Sherille. Her passion, commitment and knowledge will guide you there.”
- Marie
“Life changing experience. This woman is top notch. Her expertise in this field is stellar and I look forward to working with her again in the future. If you are working on healing and being the best version of you, Sherille is your person. I can’t say enough about how she’s touched my life.”
- Sommer
“Thank you Sherille for your help. You always like an Angel go to my life. You helping me to resolving my difficult situation. Appreciate for your work.”
- Angela
“Sherille was my QHHT guide for me and she did an incredible job! She was kind and patient and asked all the right questions. Don’t hesitate to book a session you’ll have the best experience. After my session I realized Sherille was a great guide and wanted to continue my progress with her and now I’m in a coaching program, which is already showing amazing results! She brings her fearless and grounded energy to every session. It’s a great investment.”
- Andrea
Work With Me

Trapped in a cycle of uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt after your divorce? Feeling disconnected from the strength within and replaying the same old stories of pain, trauma, and resentment?

I’ve been there, and I understand.

Trust me, I know these feelings all too well.

When my 13-year marriage ended unexpectedly, I felt lost and hopeless for a long time. But I’ve also experienced the transformative process of discovering my true self, creating a new paradigm, and emerging stronger and more empowered.

You don’t have to suffer in silence or face this journey alone.

At the heart of my mission is my unwavering commitment to empowering women like you, helping them reclaim their power and build a life that resonates with authenticity and fulfillment.

Book a call, and I will show you how.

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